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Beautiful, architect-designed renovations completed reliably from start to end.

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About Us

Green Sequoia Construction Group is a full service , licensed, bonded and insured General Contractor, We remodel complete homes and commercial projects, including building new buildings, additions or remodeling existing spaces, to include running new electrical, plumbing, mechanical, framing, roofing, drywall, painting and flooring. We can do seismic retrofit to help strengthen the structure which will reduce the cost of the homeowners insurance and help with the new laws regarding the retrofit for all the soft story homes throughout the San Fransisco area. We have a full range of architects, engineers and subcontractors that we work with that are all licensed, bonded and insured.

Green Sequoia will serve as an owners consultant for construction projects to help oversee the work provided by other contractors, helping to ensure the quality of work is provided and to make sure the project is on schedule and built per plans and specifications. We can help with the permit and inspection process.

Services We Offer

An inherent sense for the wants, needs and details that impact the lives of the people who will ultimately live and work in a space. It lies at the foundation of everything we do. With it, we’ve set a standard that keeps us among the Bay Area’s most accomplished and respected interior builders.

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